About Us

HOOPER is all about British Basketball. It is about documenting it in a way that has not been done and showcasing all that the game has to offer in a way that is authentic to UK hoops culture. 

Traditionally, many media outlets have focused on the on-court activity and rightfully so. Players are taking their talents all across the globe and representing British Basketball in monumental ways that are being overlooked. As well as that though and what has been missed, is documentation of the culture –– a community of people whose contributions to the game have made it all that it has become, evolving leaps and bounds from what it was years ago. 

So as the game continues to grow, as it continues to become much more integrated into British society and impact the culture, as players and clubs continue to use their resources, experience and knowledge to set up the younger generation for greatness, HOOPER is bringing it all right to you, as and when it happens.